About the Artist

Victoria Gadson's love of nature is evident in her work. Her landscape paintings reflect a reverence for the natural world, capturing its beauty and awe-inspiring majesty. When she is not in the studio working on a painting, she spends time out in nature, looking for inspiration. About her work, she says, "I don't always paint exactly what I see in nature on the canvas. It is not about creating an exact replica of the natural world, it is about creating an experience and the feeling that what you are seeing is a piece of a much larger world. I want to convey the sense that nature is timeless. Color is important when working on a landscape, because the way we see color in nature does not always translate well to a painted surface. There is a need to strike a balance between staying true to nature and finding a way to make the painting believable and able to stand on its own."

Artist's Statement

"My current series of paintings, "In Nature," examines the natural world and how people relate to it. Through my work, I aim to express the timeless experience of being in nature and how we see it individually, collectively, and culturally. When I paint a landscape, I examine my own relationship with the natural world and the ways in which I view and choose to depict it. I must reconcile society's cultural mediation of my view of natural environments with my own estimation of them. I have found that the act of looking at and viewing a landscape, whether in the form of a painted representation or in person, is as much a personal experience that is specific to the individual as it is collectively universal within a given society and culture. Through my work, I attempt to evoke the sense of being in nature."


2015, Southwestern University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art

Selected Exhibitions

- SeaScapes Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
- From Every Voice Research and Creative Works Symposium, Southwestern University
- Senior B.F.A. Exhibition: In Nature, Southwestern University

Awards & Honors

- SeaScapes Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery - Overall Category 9th place with "Oceans," Special Merit Category with "This Land," and Painting Category Honorable Mention with "Oceans."

- From Every Voice Dean's Award for Creativity in the Fine Arts, Southwestern University

- Lancaster Award (awarded to Studio Art major & graduating senior), Southwestern University

2014 - 2015
- Honors Thesis & Research in Painting: "Finding Nature: Landscapes in Art, Western Society, and the Natural World," Southwestern University